Healing Uses of St. John’s Wort Oil

St. John’s wort oil is one of my most used home remedies! It is a superb massage oil; but it also helps with cuts, scrapes, minor burns, sore muscles and growing pains. Actually I can talk for several hours about all the situations I’ve seen St. John’s wort oil help…

Just to be clear, we are not talking about essential oils here at all. I am talking about using St. John’s wort infused herbal oil that you can make in your own kitchen.

Minor Burns
St. John’s wort oil is an amazing home remedy for minor burns. It helps to stop the pain and heal the burn. I have multiple stories about people who have turned their first degree burns around using St. John’s wort oil. Like when my husband burned his hand on the stove or when I burnt the heck out of my arm in the sauna, or……..The trick is to apply it to the burn right after you burn yourself. Get a bowl or basin, and soak the burned area, or use a St. John’s wort oil soaked muslin cloth and keep it applied to the area for one hour. Apply it several times during the first day of being burned.

The Chiropractor Oil
St. John’s wort oil helps with muscle strain and tension. The more you use it, the better it is. You can massage it into tense, sore muscles several times a day and it helps to relax the muscles.

Many years ago, I worked in a chiropractor’s office doing massage.
I used my home-made St. John’s wort oil on all my clients there, many of them had severe whiplash.

People started calling my St. John’s wort oil the “chiropractor oil” because it helped them so much. They joked that it was like having a chiropractor in a jar. That sounds a little weird, but you know what I mean.

Cuts, Scrapes and Scratches
St. John’s wort has a vulnerary action on the skin, which means it helps the skin to regenerate and heal. As always, make sure your cuts and scrapes are well cleaned and then you can apply St. John’s wort oil to help it heal quicker. The one contraindication here is that I only apply the oil when I am at home and can keep things clean. Oil can attract dirt, so you don’t want oil on your scratches attracting dirt when you are running around outside. I make sure everything is clean and then apply the oil several times a day to help heal the scrapes and scratches

Reduces scars
If you apply St. John’s wort oil several times a day to a cut, it will reduce the scarring. St. John’s wort oil is anti-inflammatory, so it reduces the redness and inflammation that can contribute to a scar. It can also help reduce old scars. It doesn’t get rid of them completely, but it helps. Once I had a student show our class a scar from an appendix removal. She showed us the scar and then 6 weeks later showed it to use after applying St. John’s wort oil 3 times a day for 6 weeks. Wow, everyone was amazed the scar was smaller and much less red.

The problem is that the best St. John’s wort oil is made with fresh flowers and that only happens once a year in the summer. With all the great success stories, everyone wanted Saint John’s wort oil! Every year I would run out of oil right around early spring.

So each year I made more and more oil. I’ve made St. John’s wort oil every single summer for 25 years and now, I make about 3 gallons at a time…….

What’s the big deal about making your own St. John’s wort oil?

Well, like I said, it’s only harvested once a year for a very short period of time. You either make it or you don’t.

And if you don’t make it, then you have to buy it.

At around $15 an ounce, what that means is that you won’t have enough on hand when you really need it. Or if its spring time, many suppliers are out of it and you can’t even get it.

The thing is, if you’ve got something going on that’s really a job for St. John’s wort oil, you usually need quite a bit of it and it’s just not an affordable oil to use in large quantities…..

Source: www.livingawareness.com