Touch your toes with your hands and discover if you have heart problems

If you are worried about the condition of your heart and if you want to be sure that everything is all right then you should definitely try this method.

It was found by a group of medical researchers and it is very simple and easy, so you can do it home. All you have to do is to touch the top of your feet with your fingers, and if you are able to do this then you are in good condition and your heart is still healthy.

Recently, a study published in the Heart and Circulatory Physiology found that this method really works.

First you should sit on the floor with your feet extended forward and toes pointing up.Then you should try to rich out and touch the tip of your toes with your hands . If you are flexible enough to touch your toes, this means that your heart is healthy and in good condition.

The study was conducted in USA (North Texas) and it involved about 526 participants between the age of 20 and 83 years old. While they were performing this method their blood pressure was measured and the arteries and heart activity was closely observed.

At the end of this study the researchers found a connection between the artery elasticity and the body, especially in participants aged over 40, and they confirmed that people who have heart disease can not touch their toes.

So, If you want to find out whether your heart is healthy or not, then you just need to do this method.If you can touch your toes while you are sitting straight then your heart is healthy and flexible as well. But if you cannot, then you should visit your doctor immediately!

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