Things You Should Never Put In Your Washing Machine

There are so many rules to doing the laundry. Don’t mix whites, don’t wash your bras, empty all of your pockets. It’s just too much for me.
Luckily, we did all the hard work for you. Here are some things you should never put in the washing machine.

Bras and Lingerie
Bras are hella expensive, and you don’t want those things to get destroyed. They can lose their shape, the hooks and wire can rip other things, and it’s basically just one big no.

Get a garment bag if you really need to wash them in the machine, otherwise just use your hands and a sink.

Running Shoes
Unlike sneakers, running shoes are lightweight and can’t withstand the rigorous cycles of a washing machine.

These babies are also freaking expensive, so you probably don’t want them to shrink, tear, or rip.

Tiny Items
You would think there’s nothing wrong with tossing your toddler’s socks in the washing machine with the rest of your clothes, but it could be a disaster.

Tiny items can get caught and stuck in parts of the washing machine and cause major problems.

Car Keys
It might go without saying, but anything that has a battery in it is bad news for your washing machine.

And the keys themselves can rip holes in your clothes, cause scratching on the drumb, cause malfunctions, or even worse, fires.

Flammable Stains
Did you know that there are certain stains you can’t wash in the washing machine?

Anything flammable, like gasoline, should not be washed in your average machine — it could cause a fire or explosion.

If you’re like me and always forget to check your pockets before tossing something in the washing machine, STOP.

Coins can get caught in places they shouldn’t and can ruin your clothes and your washing machine forever.