Homemade Beauty tips for Oily Skin

Well, it’s obvious that you don’t get to choose your skin type, it’s hereditary. So, if you parents have oily skin, chances are yours is oily too. But the good news is that you can keep things under control through a reasonable diet and a choice of all-natural, easy to use remedies, as well as good hygiene.

Rose water
Rose water is another wonderful ingredient that is often used in homemade beauty tips for oily skin. Rose water has a soothing, anti-inflammatory effect. Besides, it can remove excessive oil and actually regulate its production by your skin, so you don’t get that unpleasant shine. Use it regularly, whether by spraying your face with it, or applying it with a cotton bud every other day.

If you have the time, massage your face a few times every week with plain, unsweetened yoghurt or buttermilk. The lactic acids they contain help cleanse your skin, unclog the pores and reduce sebum production.

Yes, it’s the acid in apple cider vinegar that can help you keep your skin shine-free. Just splash some vinegar diluted in water (proportion 1:1) on your washed face and let it dry, before rinsing it off. Don’t worry about the smell, it will evaporate quite quickly. As an added benefit, it has a softening effect.

Egg white
The list of homemade beauty tips for oily skin can’t be complete without mentioning an egg. An egg-white mask has a drying effect on your skin but this effect is not as excessive, as the effect of detergents. Add some lemon juice to reinforce it, mix lightly, apply and leave for ten minutes, before rinsing gently. Doing it once or twice a week should be enough, provided you also use some of the other remedies.

Eat your greens
All experts are unanimous on this – eating fresh fruit and vegetables, and staying away from fried foods can do wonders for your oily skin, even if you don’t want to use any of the other tips and remedies. That’s because a proper diet balances the production of oil by the skin glands, just like it balances your weight.

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Source: www.beautyandtips.com