Easy Hairstyles for Those Days when You are in a Rush

Are you always in a rush and is in dire need of reliable hairstyles for work? Girl, I got you! Here are easy hairstyles for work you can do in a jiffy.

Top Knot
We love this top knot hairstyle. Sometimes I call this the “let’s get things done” updo. I love wearing it when I’m trying to deal with bossy clients or when I feel the day is going to be a bit rough. While this is one of the easy hairstyles for long hair, it’s as awesome for those with medium and curly hair. Just make sure to prepare tons of bobby pins when you recreate this do!

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High Ponytail
I recommend High Ponytail for women with thin or less-volume hair. If you have a beautiful jaw or cheekbone structure, wear this to flaunt it. You can tease or pouf the hair at the top if you want to create the illusion of volume.

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Messy Bun
Have you been avoiding the bun? Usually, it takes too long, but I’ve found this practical tutorial to get it done right and quick in less than three minutes. Go on and try it for yourself. This is one of the hairstyles for work that I aboslutely love!

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Braided Bun
Tame your mane the stylish way. Combining a braid and a bun gives you hair a unique, chic, and modern look without going overboard. Best of all, you can have a nice wavy hair for your after-hours look.


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Easy Side Braid
You can go full or half braids – it doesn’t really matter. You’ll be as pretty as you want yourself to be. You can keep it a bit loose for a “messy look” or tight when you want more definition. If you have more time, add some nifty accessories like little flowers or beads onto your hair.

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Source: www.makeuptutorials.com