Hot drinks for faster metabolism: These 3 teas melting fat deposits

Teas are beneficial for overall health, and some of them may help you slim and melt the fat.

Tea may not be the first thing a nutritionist would recommend as part of your daily diet, but of course, it is advisable to consume it for health benefits.

Green tea – it contains antioxidants and because of that, it is often recommended to those who are on the diet for weight loss.
A better variant is tea quirk, or green tea powder, in which the beneficial ingredients are far more concentrated. The ingredient cathelin is an antioxidant that can even reduce the formation of fat cells.
However, beware of the daily dose, a cup of green tea in the morning is quite sufficient.

Black tea – is obtained from plant tea, by fermenting the leaves. Variants such as oolong and pu-er are rich in caffeine, which accelerates metabolism.
Although many will emphasize that black tea is excellent in combination with milk, nutritionists advise you not to consume it in this way.

Mint tea – is known for improving digestion and affecting appetite suppression.
If you are not a great fan of pure mint tea, you can add a few petals mint in warm water with lemon. In this combination the mint has no intense taste.