3 minutes before bedtime: Simple exercises for slim and toned legs

As you know, exercise should be regular, no matter how long it takes and how difficult the exercises are.

You need to keep your body active and in shape and all options are better than not doing anything.

Many of us have a problem with excess fat in their legs and everyone wants slim, tight and comfortable legs.

Well, if you are not from those who want long and strenuous training, but still want to lose weight, the following exercises are ideal for you.

Location: in bed or on the floor

Duration: 3 minutes

Period: best before bedtime (or in the morning when you wake up)

Regularity: every day

Exercise for the front part of the hips and knees

Repeat 10 times with both legs.


Exercise for the front and rear of the thighs – Part One

Repeat 10 times.



Part Two

Repeat 20 times.


Exercise for tightening the inner part of the thighs

Repeat 10 times with the right and 10 times with your left foot from above.