Tips To Make Your Shoes Last Longer in Winter

We all need some tips and tricks needed to keep our boots looking brand new.

Protect your boots from rain, snow and spills. The ultimate protective spray to invest isn’t just a ‘waterproof’ treatment, instead it acts as a repellent against any unexpected winter weather or spills. Leather Spa Water and Stain Protector works on leather, suede and fabric boots allowing a spill or liquid to sit on top of material so you can wipe away the stain before it bleeds into the shoe. You should spray your boots about once a week, applying the protector the same way you would apply hairspray.

Moisturize your leather. Just like you need to moisturize your skin to combat the cold weather, you also need to moisturize your leather boots regularly to preserve shine and make the leather last longer. Leather Spa offers a leather conditioner for under $10 that Mesquita recommends.

Keep an eye on your heels. Replace damaged heels sooner rather than later. “Keep an eye on the condition of your heels,” Mesquita says, “The longer you wait to have them fixed, the more money it is going to cost you.” Instead of waiting until heels are no longer walkable, monitor their condition regularly and have them replaced when they start to wear down in order to have a less expensive fix.

Invest in the must-haves for suede boot care. While your leather boots can handle a run-in with rain or snow, your suede boots cannot. The essential products to take care of suede are a suede brush and suede eraser. The suede eraser acts the same as a pencil eraser in that it leaves little dustings when applied to suede, the eraser gets rid of shiny spots on suede after the fabric has been worn or faded down. The brush should then be used to brush off dustings and rebuff the suede and can also be used to remove dirt.

Wipe down boots at the end of each wear. At the end of every day, wipe down your boots with a dust bag to remove any dust or dirt that has accumulated.