7 ways to beautify overnight

The night is the best time for beauty treatments. This is the period when the whole body rests and restores, so it’s your job to help it with that goal.

You need 7 steps to literally beautify overnight:

Put a aloe Vera mask on your face

The juice or aloe Vera gel whitens the skin, soothes the pimples and prevents the formation of wrinkles. Apply twice a week.

Put vitamin E oil under the eyes

A good alternative is fish or olive oil. Just be careful not to put it too close to your eyes. It is enough to put oil once a week.

Apply castor oil to eyelashes and eyebrows

It stimulates their growth and density.

Apply coconut oil on your lips

So you will soften and prevent their shooting.

Moisten your hair

Mix a few teaspoons of apple cider vinegar in water, put in a spray bottle and spray your hair before going to bed.

Soften your hands

Wash them, peel them and massage them. Apply a nutritious cream. Put soft gloves and sleep with them.

Soften your feet

Make peeling on your feet or rub with a file. Wash, dry and lubricate with olive or coconut oil. Wear cotton socks and lie down.