The Most Luxury Apartment in the World is located in Geneva

The “The Royal Penthouse Suite” in the Hotel President Wilson Hotel in Geneva is one of the largest in Europe with 1,680 square meters and one of the most luxurious in the world.

So far, many heads of state and celebrities have visited. It even received the “World’s Leading Hotel Suite” award.

It is located on the eighth, last floor of the hotel and has a panoramic view of the breathtaking Geneva’s Lake. It meets the criteria of the most demanding guests and has 12 luxury bedrooms with marble and jacuzzi towers overlooking the lake, a sauna, a dining room for 26 people and many other amenities.

The suite has one of the world’s largest TV screens, piano, billiards, a collection of antique books, artworks and a private fitness center.

In every point of view, you will get maximum luxury in this highly secured apartment with windows-resistant bullets, safes, panic buttons and a private elevator.

One night in this apartment in Geneva costs even 81,000 pounds per night.