Space buns – the most desired hairstyle for the summer 2017


If there is a hairstyle that will be a real hit for the current summer, then that’s exactly it. We did not resist it, and you can not either.

The summer arrived, and the summer holidays just started. But even if you have a month or two left to your deserved rest, still, you can easily carry this hairstyle anywhere and at any time.

With the nostalgic and retro tone of the 90’s, and the youthful and relaxed tone they bring into everybody’s appearance – “space buns” have been declared the most desired hairstyle this summer.

The hairstyle popularized by Princess Lea in Star Wars has returned to the world of beauty, and the good news is that you do not have to be particularly adept to make it.

It is enough only at the top of your head to have two neat or less neat buns, with or without braids, which are so sweet that nobody can resist them.

See bellow, it’s easy and funny πŸ™‚