It really works: Recipe of 4 ingredients Against Hair Loss

Hair loss is a problem that occurs both, men and women. There are thousands of domestic recipes, treatments and preparations that are recommended against this phenomenon.

But one recipe stands out as particularly effective, and this is confirmed by all who have tried it. The success of this hair mask is that it acts directly on the healing of the root and hair follicles.

When these four powerful ingredients come together, they make wonders for hair growth.


50 ml. Castor oil

20 gr. Coconut oil

5 ml. Essential lavender oil

10 ml. Essential oil of rosemary


First, mix castor and coconut oil, and then add the lavender and rosemary oil. Apply only 2 drops a day, with a gentle massage on the root of the head.

Those who tried it say that the results are visible after several weeks.