7 Beauty Tricks that will help you when You are Late

These beauty tricks will save you time, especially when you need it most.

Forget the strong shades of lipsticks

Although lipsticks in a striking nuance are always a great choice, they are not the best solution when you’re late. Take your lipstick in your favorite neutral shade, which you can apply in the elevator, taxi or while waiting to turn on the green light on the traffic lights.

Instead of eyeliner – smear the mascara

It may sound like a strange tip, but this will save you a lot of time while eye shadowing. Apply the mascara as usual, and then brush it with a brush (exactly as you do with the eyeliner).

Plan your makeup

Good makeup depends on inspiration, but its foundation is always preparation. Therefore, analyze your makeup routine and consider which step takes most of your time. Then, replace it with a faster version, and when you’re late, reach out to Plan B for makeup.

Reduce morning skin care

Whenever you are late, keep a multi practical product such as mycelium water that replaces several cosmetic products.

Get a multi-purpose brush

Instead of replenishing your bag with different brushes, get a multipurpose brush which you can apply blush, bronzer and chiller at the same time.

Fast contouring

In the moments of delay, forget about the complex contouring and reach for a product that will complete the whole thing. Get a contoupling stick that contains a brighter and darker color for highlighting facial features.

A layer of nail polish is quite sufficient

Forget the base, finishing layer or color coating in multiple layers. Instead of wasting time, put the nails in one layer, place them under cold running water for faster drying and you are ready for the new day.