Place your Garden furniture inside your House

The play of exterior and interior decoration elements will create a pleasant and unusual ambience

Despite the increased stress and commitment, the lifestyle becomes more and more lenient. The rules are lost, combine incompatible and new concepts emerge.

One of these transformations is also the understanding of interior and exterior design. Differences are lost, what is external to internal and vice versa.

This design concept is suitable for all areas, and in the warm summer months contributes to a psychological sense of residence in the outer space. This is especially good for all those spaces that do not have large gardens, balconies or terraces.

Place a three-seater rattan in the living room. Fill it with the same armchair and the club chair. Choose the tights in a trendy knit pattern of this ethnic carpet, and combine the poles with the woody rhombus.

If you like more expressive colors, choose a white rattan set, and apply color through decorative pads (mandatory pattern and knitwear). The rear wall is ideal for setting up an eternal picture, photo or drawing on the wall itself. You have created an ideal place to enjoy.

Connect your living room with your work area by introducing a rattan chair, garbage bin and details such as a shelf.

If you want to introduce only a small “summer corner” in the home, introduce a lounge chair and club tablecloth. Metallic lampshades with candles and a stand-alone lamp will add a special night ambient.

Enter the indoor dining area from the garden. Make the police connect the dining set materials. A combination of more materials and colors like wood, metal and ceramics is preferred. This will avoid the uniformity of space and achieve a pleasant, summer setting.

You can also introduce elements of outdoor decoration to the kitchen area through decorative details, lighting fixtures, and food storage boxes.

You can also bring summer details to the entrance area. Due to the smaller place, it is recommended to use bright furniture elements and open shelves. The rattan basket is an ideal detail for the introduction of the summer atmosphere.

The play of exterior and interior decoration elements will create a pleasant and unusual ambience, but you will surely feel great!