Scientists have discovered a formula for love: Calculate how long your relationship will last!

Although love is not mathematics, and feelings can not be described in numbers, scientists managed to create a real mathematical formula that should reveal how your relationship will take.

If you want to know if your love is true love, take a pencil and paper, remember the basic mathematical rules and start the calculation:

The formula is as follows:

L = 8 + 5Y – 2P + 9Hm + 3Mf + J – 3G – 5 (Sm – Sf) 2 + I + 1,5C


L = Result i.e. Planned duration of your relationship expressed in years

Y = number of years of knowledge of the partners before start serious relationship

P = number of previous partners of the two (total)

Hm = How much the husband cares about honesty in the relationship

Mf = How much the finances are important to the woman in the relationship

J = sum of how humor is an important in the relationship for both partners

G = sum of how the two are important the physical look

Sm = How much the sex is important to he men in relationship

SF = How much the sex is important to the women in relationship

I = sum of how much the partners are important a good relationship with parents (mother in law, father in law, i.t.c.)

C = sum of how much the partners are important children (existing and future)


Each variable (except for the number of partners, and the duration of the relationship) is valued from 1 to 5 (1 being ‘not at all “and 5 is” very important “).