Hairdressers’ advice: 10 seconds Test reveals whether you can dye your hair

Many elements influence the outcome of dying the hair, but one is the key – the hair must be healthy it looks great after treatment.

If you want to color your hair at home, hairdressers advise before you begin the process, to check the condition of your hair with this simple test:

1.Using your fingers take a lock of hair and smooth it out.

2.Put a few drops of water on the Taft and watch how long it takes for droplets to absorb.

3.If your hair absorbs water in less than 10 seconds, then cuticle i.e. the outer layer of the hair is too damaged and the hair can not properly painted. If the drops need more than 10 seconds to absorb, then your hair is in good shape.

Tip: The damage to the cuticle affect, among other things, crackdown on hair while it is wet, heavy treating hair iron, Figaro or fan, and its bleaching. Because of this, the hair loses its moisture and the hair becomes brittle.

To restore the old luster and hair health, reduce its exposure to hot air. Do not blow dry the hair after washing because the moments while it is full of water, it is particularly fragile.