Diet according to blood type which make you look and feel great

Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo and Alan Richards introduced the theory of nutrition according to blood type more than thirty years.

Some say that this specialized diet helps individuals put more nutrients in certain foods that they need, and therefore be both healthier and in better shape.

Here’s how to eat according to your blood type:

Diet for blood type A

People that belong to blood type A has to import a large amount of carbohydrates for better processing due to low levels of hydrochloric acid and intestinal alkaline phosphatase. On the other hand, their metabolism has difficulty handling the processing of proteins and fats of animal origin.

You should eat: soy, cereals and vegetables throughout the day, alkaline fruits such as apples, dates, forest berries, peaches etc. Consume food as possible more natural condition without too much heat treatment and Abstain from skipping meals.

You should avoid: fruit such as mango, papaya and oranges because these foods adversely affect your digestive system. Avoid dairy products because insulin causes reactions in the body.

Diet for blood type B

People that belong to blood type B are much more flexible in the diet. They equally well as processing nutrients of plant and animal origin. But it is especially important to maintain a balance in the diet, because people with blood type B are subject to higher production of cortisol in stressful situations.

You should eat: red meat, green vegetables, eggs and dairy products with reduced fat.

You should avoid: chicken, wheat, corn, lentils, tomatoes, peanuts and sunflower because these foods affect metabolic processes in the body, leading to dizziness, water retention and hypoglycemia.

Diet for blood type AB

This rare blood type has the characteristic of low gastric acid and blood type A good adaptation of the processing of foods of animal origin, which binds to blood type B.

You should eat: fish like salmon, sardines and tuna, which are considered the best choice of protein for your blood type. Eggs, tofu, vegetables and dairy cultures as yogurt and kefir are considered ideal foods for blood type AB.

You should avoid: coffee and alcoholic beverages in stressful situations, and smoked meat Origin hard processed. Due to the sensitive digestive tract should eat smaller meals at regular intervals, in order to balance insulin levels in the blood. Not recommended mixing carbohydrates and proteins in the same meal.

Diet for blood type 0

People with blood group 0 able to demonstrate sound processing proteins and fats. Unlike blood type A, this type turns simple carbohydrates in fat, which can adversely affect the immune system.

You should eat: lean beef, lamb, turkey and chicken. Include as many fish and shellfish, and algae that stimulate the production of hormones in the body. Eggs, nuts and seeds consume them in moderation.

You should avoid: foods high in gluten, which is found in dairy products and foods of wheat. Avoid cabbage, cauliflower and count because they hinder the work of the thyroid gland. As with blood type AB should avoid consumption of coffee and alcohol in stressful situations.