Alcoholic creamy pleasure: Nutella liqueur

Never enough of Nutella. That sweet creamy pleasure, which people find more ways to insert in as far as possible in recipes.

We eat Nutella in cakes, ice creams, pancakes, and now we can mix it with alcohol.

This liqueur Nutella is very tasty and you can add it to your coffee or as a substitute for cocoa liquor in your cocktails.

For your happiness, it’s very easy to prepare and sure to be grateful to know that you have that pleasure at any time in your home.


240 ml of vodka

320 ml condensed milk

240 ml cream

220 gr Nutella


Place all ingredients in blender and blend them until they merge.

Let foam down, then pour the mixture into a bottle which will close well. You can keep in the refrigerator for up to 2 months.

Caution: Oil Nutella can be separated if standing more time, so before serving, stir the liqueur.