This Fruit Improves Sleep and Melt Fat – here’s why you should consume Cherries!

Apart from being the perfect spring fruits, cherries are full of antioxidants, they help to lose weight and are excellent in the fight against insomnia and painful joints.

More about the power of cherries, find the text below:

Protects against diabetes

Cherries have a low glycemic index (22) than grapes, which glycemic index is 46 or plums – 39. Therefore cherries are an excellent choice, especially for people suffering from diabetes.

Improve sleep

One cup of natural cherry juice helps to improve sleep quality. Cherries are an excellent source of melatonin, which helps regulate the sleep cycle.

They help to eliminate fat

Numerous studies show that a diet with a high proportion of fat does not result in weight gain until the menu diet includes cherries.

Reduce the risk of heart attack

Cherries reduce the level of bad cholesterol, and high blood pressure. By doing so, they automatically and improve heart health.

Slow skin aging

When it comes to antioxidants, cherries are the queen of fruits. A glass of cherry juice daily slows aging and improves skin elasticity, say scientists from the University of Michigan.

Reduce muscle pain

A cup and a half cherries or cherry juice helps in reducing muscle pain, whether it comes to inflammation or fatigue, reports Care2 Healthy Living.