DIY Home Decorations for Party: TASSEL GARLAND

Although this project will take some time, it’s very simple and cost effective. Plus, when your guests find out you actually made the garland, their response will be “What!?!” It’s pretty cool.

I ended up making four of these garlands and scattering them throughout the house to tie everything together. I even hung a mini one in the bathroom. Don’t forget to decorate the bathroom!

The base of these tassels is tissue paper, so you can do any combination of colors to match your event. I purchased most of my tissue paper on Amazon to get the colors I wanted. Be sure to get quality tissue paper. It will make the process much easier. You can also change up your string (I chose a string with a metallic thread from Jo-Ann Fabrics.) and your tape. This shiny gold tape is from Staples, but any sort of decorative washi-style tape would do the trick.

Also, be aware that there is a certain famous craftsy woman who sells a “fringe-cutter.” It’s kind of like a paper cutter, but it’s supposed to create fringe in tissue paper. I’ll save you some money. It doesn’t work. Stick with scissors.


You will need:

tissue paper


decorative tape

string or twine

Step by Step:

Begin with one piece of tissue paper. (One piece of tissue paper will make four tassels.)

Fold it in half lengthwise.

Then, fold in half widthwise.

Fold again widthwise.

Next, cut your fringe starting from the bottom, unfolded side. Cut up to the top leaving about a two inch band that is uncut. Your strips can be as thin or as thick as you’d like.

Unfold once and cut in half from the top of the fold to the end of the fringe.

This will give you three pieces. Unfold them. Two will look like this, ready for the next step.

The other piece will be double the size of the two other pieces. Cut this in half lengthwise. You will now have four sections that are the same size.

Now take one piece and start to roll the uncut center area lengthwise. As you roll, pay attention to the fringe so it doesn’t get tangled.

Once rolled, start to twist the center area until it’s tight. Then fold it in half twisting the side in opposite directions until it make a little loop at the top.

Next, cut a piece of tape (about 1.5 inches long) and wrap it around this section to secure.

Continue making tassels until you have as many as you will need.

You’re then ready to string them up. Cut the desired length of string. Add one tassel at a time and make a simple knot to attach.

Continue adding tassels and knotting them in place. The distance between each tassel is up to you. I found that 3 inches worked well for the number of tassels I had.

After all of your tassels are attached to the string, you’re ready to hang up the garland!

The process is a bit tedious, so give yourself plenty of time. However, once you get the hang of them, they come together easily.