Just 30 seconds for a fresh look: Say goodbye to dark circles with this trick

Excessive sitting at the computer, the constant checking of smartphones, resting with tablet in hand, and moreover, and hours spent watching television is a bad influence on mental health and sleep quality.

Continuous involvement in technology is “devastating” for the appearance of facial skin, especially its most sensitive part – around the eyes.


For all of that is guilty etc. syndrome of computer vision. In fact, as we watched the screen, we blink 66 % less, resulting in decreased circulation in the area around the eyes, leading to swollen eyelids and dark circles.

Long term, it means more wrinkles on the face. However, you can help yourself anywhere and at any time, with the help of acupressure.

According to traditional Chinese medicine, if that part of the face builds up too much tension, it will block the movement of energies.

Using the following trick will help you to get rid of tension and reduce dark circles around the eyes:

1.Thumbs or index fingers, press the bone part between the eyebrows.

2.Breathe deeply and try to relax. The pressure should be strong and the feeling may be less comfortable, but continue to press for 30 seconds.

Repeat this exercise during the day if you need it.