3 makeup looks that never go out of style

Makeup trends are constantly changing, but there are those that are considered timeless.

In addition, we introduce three makeup looks that are always “in” and we just adore them.

Smoky eyes

The magic of “smoky look” is irresistible. This technique of makeup not only descends from the fashion throne, but also successfully adapts to all trends and seasons. Smoky eyes technique at first glance complicated but with a little patience and practice, you can achieve this “a million dollars” look. The classic “Smoky eyes” is achieved by black and gray eye shadow, but you can always break the monotony and try brown shades. Thus makeup eyes receive a special glow, and the view is more than appealing.

Nude shade lipstick

Nude or “naked” shades of lipsticks are an absolute hit in recent months. These colors are great to combine with almost every appearance and they can be worn on all occasions, whether it is a walk with her friends, a business lunch or a romantic date. Choose a shade that best match your complexion and get the look of glorious ladies from the headlines.

Eyeliner and red lipstick

One thing is certain – eyeliner and red lipstick are inextricably linked. This combination is commonly worn by brave girls who radiate confidence and not afraid to show their charms. However, be careful – this look is for nights out while daily variants may seem intrusive and a bit eccentric. Red lipstick looks great on girls with blond or brown hair, and if you’re one of them – this is your winning card.