Do you have some of these at home? Look carefully, it might bring you riches!

Who among us has not dreamed to get rich quickly? For that, believe it or not, the Spring cleaning can help you

Sometimes we forget that possess certain things over time can get the value and sell them online.

A few impressive examples:

Vintage Products

Those who are true gourmets sometimes willing to give large sums of money to have beside some scarce products. For example, energy drinks of the photo were sold for $16,999.

First and rare editions of books

If you find a very old book in your basement, you can sell it for a lot of money. For example, the first edition of “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” which has only 500 copies worldwide, are selling for about $4,300.

Unique mobile phones

Fans of gadgets often want to have a collection of old appliances. For example, the first generation of iPhone handsets sold for several thousand dollars. Unopened iPhone 2G cost $12,999.

Old Gadgets playing

Do you still have Tamagochi or Game Boy at home? Because, these playing gadgets you can sell from $2,000 to $ 6,500.

Rare toys

Some people want to have a collection of rare old toys. So for example, a rare prototype of the figure of Darth Vader you can get up to $ 10,000.

Collections cards

Collections of cards also tend to make a lot of money. Example, Pikachu Illustrator you can get up to $ 150,000.

Rare Albums

For example, the Beatles album “Yesterday and Today” is considered as a rare album and cost $ 125,000.