Do you want Eyeliner for a gorgeous look? Here’s how to find out which line fits you the best

Eyeliner is the easiest way to emphasize the eye and applying makeup. Besides, after you master it, a very simple and fast way of makeup, the eyeliner is an excellent ally in emphasizing the benefits and concealing facial deficiencies. Find your eye shape and find out how the shower line on your cap should look like.

Almond shaped eyes

Almost every line matches this kind of eye. Whether it’s thick and pointed, or stylized to the eye half, you can not go wrong. For this reason, play with the eyeliner and combine decent look for the day and emphasize for the night.

Sad eyes

The eyes whose ends are lightly lowered fit perfectly with a line that starts just before the middle of the eye and extends towards the ends significantly. The inner part or the beginning of the eye should be without eyeliner, and you can emphasize it with a slightly shade of shades. Bring the eyeliner at the end of the eye to the eyebrow to make the line visually raise the eye and emphasize it.

Round eyes

Round, accentuated eyeliner should lengthen and create the effect of almond eyes. You can do this by thickening the length of the eye line towards the end of the eyebrows for about half a centimeter. The eye line from the beginning of the eye should be thin and should be spread over 3/4 of the eye.

Also, apply a darker eye shadow to the edge of the lower eyelashes to reduce the effect of the eyeliner and emphasize the lower eyelashes with the mascara.

”Approached” eyes

With this eye-sighted, with the eyeliner you have to create an illusion that will visually “break” your eyes. You can do this with a full line of eyeliner that is on the inside (at the beginning) of the eye, from the middle of the cap begins to expand and continues after the end of the eye.

The last part of the line creates a powerful effect so you can extend it freely or, if you are skilled, play two lines.

Spaced apart eyes

Blurred eyes will come closer to each other with simple and short lines. The line is at the beginning of the thin eye and is gradually expanding. But she ends at the very end of the eye. The popular rattles of the line must be very short so as not to further visualize the eyes.