Perfect 5-minute makeup routine by Shirley Pinkson

According SVC artist Shirley Pinkson, modern make-up should not take 2 hours of your time to apply. All you need is shiny skin, thick eyebrows and glowing lips, and to achieve all this, you do not take more than 5 minutes.

A thin layer of powder

When choosing a powder, select the formula that is most suited to your skin. While you apply, concentrate on the problematic parts of the face such as areas around the nose and cheeks.

The section under the eyes, apply a thin layer of powder while gently touching fingers. Very touching to increase circulation around your eyes and help you to “wake up” your skin.

Natural color blush

To get a natural look, use a creamy blush. It will help to create a youthful and easy finish. Use your fingers to apply a small layer on your cheek bones. When it comes to blush, here is the rule: “The less the better.”

Tinted brow

If you were on a professional make-up, probably you’ve noticed that makeup artists almost always make a correction on your eyebrows. This is so because when the brow is darker, it gives a sharper look of your character.

If you do not have proper pencil to draw the eyebrows, you can use some of the darker shadows.