Delicious desserts with strawberries … which one’s your favorite?

A Chocolate mousse, Fruit Cake or a Strawberry Tiramisu

Tasty and nutritionally rich strawberries are an excellent ingredient of every dessert!

1.Chocolate mousse with strawberries

– Servings: 6


5 eggs

200 g of chocolate

100 g of sugar

2 vanilla sugars


125 ml of cream for whipped cream

4 teaspoons of strong filtered coffee


1.Separate egg whites. Chocolate break and dissolve in pairs. Mix the egg whites with 100 g of sugar, and in the second dish, squeeze the cream.

2.Roll out vanilla sugar and egg yolks with foam, and then stir the shredded coffee with the shaker, then the chocolate solution and finally the whipped cream.

3.Distribute the mousse by the glasses and put them in the refrigerator to squeeze.

4.Decorate with cocoa, cream and strawberries.

2.Fruit cake with strawberries

– Servings: 6


4 eggs

8 tablespoons of sugar

8 tablespoons of flour

Baking powder (at the top of the knife)


1.Shake the egg with the sugar to make the mixture foam.

2.When the mixture is soaked, add 8 tablespoons of flour and baking powder slowly and tap it.

3.When we swallow the mixture we pour it into greased and refined cake tray.

4.We get a cake for 15 minutes at 200 degrees

5.When the cake is roasted and chilled add strawberries (or other fruit as desired) and decorate it with cream

3.Strawberry Tiramisu

– Servings: 12


2 yolks

50 g of powdered sugar

500 g of mascarpone cheese

250 ml of sweet cream

250 g strawberry

Vanilla sugar bag

300 g butter cake

Ham crackers


1.Add the icing to the powdered sugar and put the sauce on for about 10 minutes until it thickens. When it is cool, add the mascarpone cheese and slightly melt. In particular, rinse the sweet cream and add to the previous mixture and rinse it again with the mixer.

Put the biscuits in the bag, and melt, and almonds cut into small pieces

Strip the strawberries on the plates and sprinkle them with vanilla sugar.

2.Drink some cream on the bottom of the glass, then place the strawberries on it. Spread them with biscuits and almonds and repeat another row of cheese, strawberries and crackers. Place the cream on the top and decorate with smaller pieces of strawberries and almonds. Put it in the refrigerator to cool well.