Draping – new makeup technique conquer the world

Unlike the contouring purpose of this technique is getting fresh and healthy looking skin.

The history of the draping technique dates back to the 60s and 70s of the last century, and its ‘success’ experiences during the 80s. Today, draping again returns to the world of makeup and in a big way.

For this look, you do not need makeup sponges or beauty blenders – all you need is a quality brush and blush which gently accentuate cheek bones. This simple method gives the impression of precise and subtle makeup.

To achieve perfect draping effect, under the cheek bones, apply blush in a darker shade, and themselves cheekbones – blush in a slightly brighter color.

This look is easy to “maintenance” and is ideal for demanding, hot days. All you need in your cosmetic bag is just a brush and blush in two shades and you’re ready to win the day.

And we have to admit – it’s easier than carrying the entire collection of makeup – foundation, liquid, and stone powder, concealer, bronzer…