8 ways to freshen up your living space

Luxury has never been more affordable! These unusual decorations and perfectly functional items will enrich your space and will give a new dimension.

From aromatic candles in different colors and shapes, to the beautiful paintings that your home will turn into an oasis of peace and positive energy.

In addition, see our suggestions for items that will perfectly decorate the interior, and are quite accessible and affordable for everyone.


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Candles are not reserved only for special dinners, but for everyday enjoyment. Select the right size, color and scent that will relax you and it is best to place them in a beautiful candlestick glass vase or lantern.


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The glasses show a lot about the kind of person you are. When you own cups for all popular drinks, black and white wine, champagne or whiskey, then you will know that you are really adults.

Soft cushions

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If you need a small change and playfulness in space, the real solution is soft cushions in color. Feel free to put them on the bed or couch and get a pleasant oasis of rest that they will also be very effective.

Indoor plants

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Plants enriched the space. Select an unusual kind of plant and place it in a visible place in the home, which will give it a direct sunlight.

Framed pictures or quotes

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Frame your favorite photos or life quotes in elegant white frames that you can put them on a wall or shelf. Especially good look give the black and white photos as so the unusual font on a white or silver background.

Art paintings

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Paintings made in some of the more popular techniques will enrich your space and will give a new dimension. Pay attention to the colors and style, whereas they should be within the furniture.

Fur carpet

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Classic fur carpets with different designs are timeless and they can not be wrong. They are your home will give a note of luxury and elegance.

Metallic items

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Metallic objects can serve as an excellent mini jewelry boxes or holders for pencils. They will look fantastic on your shelf and inserted little gloss interior.