Best places for Gelato in Italy

Discover sweet aromas, exploring the lusciously smooth ice creams and delightfully refreshing sorbets of this Italian city’s notorious gelato scene. We’ve rounded the best gelato places in Rome to try.


Hand-makers of ice cream for more than 50 years, the geniuses behind Ciampini have purist principles, which they adhere to rigorously. They use only organic milk, eggs, and cream and the results are sublime in their dense, velvety perfection. Sugared chestnuts add a divinely chewy contrast to the smooth, creamy gelato for the ideal combination of textures. Ciampini is the place to find the best versions of the traditional classics in the city. The coffee and chocolate flavors here are simply unbeatable. All the gelato comes without preservatives or artificial additives.

Where to find: Ciampini, Piazza di S. Lorenzo in Lucina, 29, Rome, Italy

Tre Scalini

Tre Scalini is famous for being the best place to try a celebrated Italian specialty: tartufo ice cream. A chocolate ice cream truffle, made using 13 different varieties of Swiss chocolate: tartufo was originally created at this very bar and has been the Tre Scalini’s signature dessert since 1946. The recipe, known only by a select few, remains a coveted secret to this day. This gelateria also has a chic location among the stunning architecture of Rome’s elegant Piazza Navona. The piazza’s daily influx of local artists, street performers, and musicians that appear with the sunset means that the square buzzes with life each evening. It is a perfect place to promenade on one of Rome’s balmy summer evenings.

Where to find: Tre Scalini, Piazza Navona 28, Rome, Italy

Come il Latte

With a name meaning ‘Like Milk’ it seems unsurprising that this gelateria is committed to using only the finest quality dairy products, with exceptional results. Up to 70 percent of the gelato’s content at Come il Latte is made from fresh cream. This makes the ice cream here the thickest and creamiest in the city. But for those less enamored by all this dairy, Come il Latte offers a substantial range of choices without any milk in at all. These lactose-free friendly options still manage to burst with strong and aromatic flavors. A swirl of chocolate from the shop’s flowing chocolate fountain, some rich chocolate shavings, or a dollop of freshly whipped cream, is even included in the price of the ice cream.

Where to find: Come il Latte, Via Silvio Spaventa, 24/26, Rome, Italy


Family-run since its creation in 1900, Giolitti has a long and prestigious pedigree in Rome’s gelato scene. This gelateria‘s location by the soaring columns of Rome’s iconic Pantheon provides a stunning setting to accompany its sugary delights. The range of desserts on offer is simply mouth-watering. Other sweet treats at Giolitti include ice cream cakes, as well as hand-made chocolates and cakes. The gelateria offers an incredible range of sundaes. So, let these masters of mixtures whip up one of their signature heavenly fusions of gelato, custard, hazelnut shavings and cream.

Where to find: Giolitti, Via degli Uffici del Vicario, 40, Rome, Italy


For a cool icy treat without the dense creaminess of gelato, look no further than Grom. It has a wide range of refreshing sorbets, frappes, and ices. A specialty here is granita, an Italian delicacy of crushed ice with punchy flavors such as rich coffee or fabulously zingy mint. Escape the blazing Italian sun, and seek refuge in this sanctuary of great tastes. The majority of the fruit used in the sorbets is sourced from the owners’ own farm, and freshness bursts from each mouthful. A staggering 50 percent of the content of Grom’s sorbets is made up of fresh fruit. The ingredients of each flavor are detailed in full. So, those with special dietary requirements can still enjoy a delicious taste of Italy.

Where to find: Grom has various branches in Rome but we recommend the one by Rome’s Campo de Fiori; Grom, Via dei Giubbonari, 52, Rome, Italy