Become a real Boho Princess: Copy the Jamie Kidd’s amazing style of The Blogging Jay

Hey my beautiful ladies! I’m sure you’ve noticed that the internet is filled with truly amazing style blogs – whether you’re in LA, London or Paris, you can bet there’s a style blogger out there that covers the street style in your city.

Today, I want to introduce you to the style blogger and social media influencer Jamie Kidd of The Blogging Jay.

I stumbled upon Jamie’s instagram a couple months ago and fell in love immediately. From her effortless locks of hair and gorgeous boho style, to her love for her 3 fur babies Lucy, Ollie, and Cleo, Jamie is always keeping things authentic throughout her feed.

Read on if you want to check out some of her magnificent boho looks and draw some inspiration for your next outfit. I should warn you, though, you’re sure to have some serious fashion envy!