DIY Projects: Build your own Black Pipe Coffee Bar Station

You don’t have to spend a lot of money for your home furniture, all you need is just a little bit skills and an imaginations. Try this DIY project and make your coffee bar station! It’s really not that hard J

Step 1: Measure and Plan

First, measure the size you’ll need for your coffee station based on the size of your area. You can make the coffee station any width or height you desire. I decided to make our coffee station the same height as a normal kitchen countertop (36 inches).  The width we needed in order to fit the station in our dinning room area was 6 feet. We chose a depth of 17 inches, which is the width of three 2×6 boards (I used pine boards in the photos but ended up using cyprus for the final product. Yea, I had to make it twice). We didn’t want it too deep to interfere with walking room around the dinning room table.

After a lot of planning of the design and construction, I came up with a cost effective and durable framework for the black pipe layout. It includes 3/4 inch pipe, and flanges to secure to the top and bottom wood shelves and a center brace to secure swaying.

Black pipes don’t come in every size unless they are custom made. We choose a 12″ pipe for the bottom shelf and and 18″ pipe for the middle shelf to fit the microwave.

Step 2: Materials

¾ Black Pipe

One 60″ pipe

Four 18″ pipes

Four 12″ pipes

Four 4″ pipes

Six Straight Tee Joints

Eight Floor Flanges

Nine 2″x6″x8′ Wood Boards

Kreg R3 Jr. Pocket Hole Jig System

Kreg 2-1/2-Inch Coarse Screws

circular saw


stain in desired color

oil-based paintbrush

80 grit sandpaper

hand sander

wood glue

wood screws

Step 3: Build the Shelves

I found this life-saving tool, Kreg Jig System, to secure the 2×6 boards together. I was going to try dowels or wood biscuits but this came in so much handier and easier.

First, set up the jig system to the width of the wood per the user manual. Clamp down and drill out the holes 1 foot apart. Next, glue the sides and clamp together. Then, place screws in each hole and secure. I let the clamps hold for at least 2 hours until moving to the next shelf assembly.

This is a cross section I made to show you where the hole gets drilled out and where the screw is placed. I highly recommend the Kreg Jig System when joining boards together.

Start assembling the pipes with the long middle brace and work out to the side legs, but stop with the straight tee’s and bottom legs. Use the top side of the straight tees for a template to mark out where the holes need to be for the middle shelf.

I wanted to maintain one continuous pipe framework for durability, so I decided to run the pipe threw the middle shelf. I had to bore a hole out of the wood for the pipe to slide threw. I took it a step further to add a larger opening for the shelf to fit over the straight tee.  The center hole for the pipe needed to be 1 1/8″ and the size of the straight tee’s lip is 1 1/2″.

Step 4: Cut and Stain

Next, cut to order. We started with 8 foot boards and had to cut about 1 foot off each side to get our 6 foot desired length. This gave a 5 inch over-hang from the pipe legs.

Choose a paint or stain that you desire. We stained the pine boards I made but didn’t end up liking them. We wanted something more rustic and natural-looking so we rebuilt the station in cyprus wood. We love it!

Step 5: Finish Assembling and Level

You can finish assembling the pipes by securing the bottom flanges with wood screws (make sure they are not longer than the wood boards; you don’t want them poking through the shelves), slide the middle shelf over the straight tees, slide the upper pipes threw the middle shelf and screw onto the straight tees. Secure the top shelf to the final flanges with wood screws.

Leveling the top shelf is important; you don’t want things rolling off your coffee station. The pipes may be off-level due to many factors. Mine was slightly off in the left front corner. The pipes and flanges have about 3/8″ play to move up or down to level out the shelf.

Sit back and enjoy the brew and view