Royal Chocolate cake: It’s made in 10 minutes without baking – Queen Elizabeth favorite dessert

Queen Elizabeth every meal ends with her favorite, easy and chocolate cake.

Amazingly, the Royal recipe is less glamorous than I expected, so it can be done by anybody at any time, because it takes only 10 minutes.

This tasty chocolate cake is ideal for all the family and holiday gatherings without much torment in kitchen.


120g black quality chocolate

120g sugar

120g butter

220g biscuits

1 egg

For mixing: half tablespoon butter

For the glaze: 220g dark chocolate

For decorating: 20g chocolate and a bit of crushed nuts and biscuits


Brush a baking medium size with a little butter and cover with greaseproof paper. Broke the biscuits, the size of an almond.

Mix butter and sugar, add the melted chocolate and add one beaten egg.

Add the broken biscuits and mix thoroughly stirred. Place in a greased baking tray and refrigerate 3 hours.

Pour glaze with melted dark chocolate and garnish with grated chocolate and crushed nuts and a little cake.