Romantic and creative ideas for wedding walls


Background “walls” of weddings are becoming a growing trend, and their versatility is the one who wins a glance.

They can serve as a backdrop for wedding photos or the place where you say the words “I do” before the Registrar. Furthermore, it can be placed behind the bridal table, or all of the following.

So far, their role often had decorative pillars and arches, but the background walls are becoming increasingly popular, but more spectacular, we showed and Kim Kardashian with its own instance of the wedding.

We present seven creative and original proposals, which may serve as inspiration for your wedding dream:

1.Bohemian elegance

Black window frames and the vivid colors of flowers as a tandem, they flatter a remarkably elegant way, so the right choice for lover (k) s classics spiced with Bohol vibration.

2.Favorite quote

For some time, couples use quotes that authentically describe their love and affection, so why not combined the exactly the idea with additional decorations of flowers on their wedding day?

3.Pink variant with flowers

Pink tint is one of the most romantic colors and looks flawless when it is enriched by a merger of roses and green herbs.

4.Minimalism primarily

The simplicity of white wall, subtly complemented by refined greenery, will focus on the wedding table, turning it into the most important detail of the wedding.

5.Relaxing in garden

For lovers of nonchalance and relaxation with an unusual accent, this is the ideal option. The simple wall is decorated with striking flowers, and a few tables, candle holders and lanterns order to create an idyllic setting for a wedding outdoors.

6.Inspired by nature

Here is another option for outdoor wedding, which requires only a little effort. Take the branches like hangers that will put a few meters swaying material, a role of an elegant curtain and spectacular backdrop for the ceremony or just-location shooting.

7.Japanese origami for those with good skills

If you have skilled hands, use their talent for making curtains origami birds. Besides the process of making you relax and distract you from stressful situations, you will get an unusual and unique backdrop for your wedding.