After the holidays: 5-Day Body Detox Plan

The rapid pace of life often does not neglect the health and gain pretty bad habits.

Processed food, alcohol and cigarettes are a part of everything that creates toxins in our body that can later lead to serious disease.

Oh, and the holidays make to forget the healthy food even more, so we often exaggerate with eating unhealthy foods.

Your body needs regular detox, which will revitalize the organs and restore the glow of your skin.

This is a simple recipe with only three ingredients that will help 5 days to remove toxins from the body.


5 carrots

3 oranges

small piece of peeled fresh ginger


Put all three ingredients together in a blender and consume the juice once a day before breakfast.

The benefits of these ingredients are numerous. Orange is a good prevention against cancer, kidney problems and also lowers cholesterol. Carrots have a beneficial effect on vision, skin infections and aging. Ginger speeds up metabolism and stimulates faster to expel toxins.

This vitamin mix will make you feel vital and energized for a short time and with visible results in your health.