Sex therapists claim 5 signs that your marriage will not last

Sex is not the center of the marriage, but is part of a healthy relationship should be fostered. At that agree sex therapists, who separated a few marital problems arising due to sex, and that can ruin your relationship if you encounter them.

Sex no longer exists

Strange, but you can be married without sex and still have sex. The so sex therapists define couples who have sex less than 10 times a year.

In such cases, it is sexually frustrated partners to talk to each other about their problems, but without insults and accusations.

One of you does not feel desirable

The feeling that we are not wanted is very important, especially for women. If a partner ceases to remind your partner that is desired (or vice versa), sex life will suffer.

“The problem is solved by exploring mutual expectations. You have to think about how your time together can lead to a better sex life, “says sex therapist Laura Watson

Intimacy is completed after infidelity

Restoring confidence in cheating is undoubtedly long and difficult process, and returning to normal sexual relations is more difficult, says therapist Sari Cooper.

In the process, the injured party must try to find a reason for giving a second chance, while the partner who cheated must conclude that the cause of infidelity. In case of unmet sexual needs, you need to work on it.

Lack of physical attraction

“Sometimes it comes to that one of you has ceased to care about his/hers look. Of course, stress and daily obligations do its job, but the lack of self-care, the other partner may interpret as a lack of will to worry about anything, “explains sex therapist Mushumi Goss.

Mockery of sexual fantasies

“We all want different things, and that is natural. When your partner will trust you and admit that he liked rough sex or role playing in the bedroom, the worst you can do is to laugh to say “- believes therapist Ava Cadell.

Of course, if such ideas you like, feel free to tell, but everything in life is solved by compromise, and so the same way you should do about the activities in bed.