Spring makeup ideas for weddings and festive occasions

Get inspired by these luscious makeup ideas.After Easter, comes the wedding season. We have already suggested what to wear to the wedding, and now we bring you some very inspirational makeup ideas that you can use, not only for weddings but also for similar special occasions.

You do not need to visit the make-up artists to make beautiful makeup. Just a little effort and inspiration for yourself you will easily create your perfect make-up look.

When the wedding is concerned, it is expected a little more intense makeup, but that does not mean you should not overdo it. Consider whether you want to highlight your eyes or lips. If you want to wear lipstick lips striking colors, then the makeup on the eyes should be gentle and inconspicuous. And vice versa, if you decide to, say, smokey-eyes, lips leave neutral or apply lipstick in a nude shade.

Also, make sure that your makeup style is compatible with the outfit and hairstyle. Some wonderful ideas for a festive make-up we found on Pinterest, and we reveal them below…

Tutorials for creating your own Make-Up Look: