Modern Interior Design – glass decorations as a classic expression

As part of the interior, the glass is not some new trend, because it is ubiquitous in homes for centuries, in different ways and with all processing techniques. It associates with modern styles of arranging the house, but used in the ancient world, as the Romans and Phoenicians.

Anyway, it looks very classy and elegant, and it’s also easy for cleaning, so many people are choosing to have it at home.

Although seemingly cold and sensitive material, it has the capabilities for formation of many attractive details, making it a favorite among many interior designers. For a long time the material was used for windows, lamps, mirrors, shelves and door, but now extends to other elements such as tables, fences, stairs, ceilings and floors. The market there is a wide range of different colors and finishes of glass; it can be custom laminated, ornate or something similar.

The trends are very popular glass walls in the kitchen, usually set between two elements. The glass can be adjusted to the design of the house and a unique part of the interior. Glass sliding doors are also quite popular and economical. They save space, since taking up just a few centimeters from the wall.

In a room full of moisture, the glass is an ideal material because it can not be damaged. In the bathroom you can put a glass shower or a mirror, which is a classic, common use, but glass sink, which belongs to the latest fashion hit in the world of interior design.

Apart from the practical, the glass has aesthetic values. The material is known for its optical properties and especially can strengthen the effect of the interior because of their ability to visually increase, extension, lighting or boot. Artistic processing of glass allow all techniques to achieve the desired decor, more attractive premises and provides specificity that is difficult to reach using different materials.