Easter ideas: Natural colors eggs unique shades

This year choose natural colors for the eggs, which will save you money and get unique shades.

There’s a wide range of products that are not dangerous as artificial colors – from well-known scales of onion which give a brown color to blueberry juice that your Easter eggs will get a silvery sheen.

The procedure for natural coloring of eggs is the same:

In saucepan, mix one liter of water with two teaspoons of vinegar. Put water on the fire and wait for it to boil, and then add natural “colors” in the pot, reduce the heat and leave to simmer for half an hour. Allow the paint to cool, then put the cooked eggs into it and leave soaked.

Yellow eggs – add 3 teaspoons turmeric water.

Pink eggs – about 800 grams grate beets and add to the boiling water. Do not worry if the eggs look dark yellow – after drying, they will receive a gentle pink.

Blue eggs – into the boiling water add 600g chopped purple cabbage. This will get a gentle blue, and if you want to get stronger tint, then leave the eggs in the fridge overnight.

Orange eggs – add 4 cups onion skins to get orange-brown color. If you want a lighter shade, leave the eggs in the paint thus prepared overnight in the refrigerator.

Blue eggs with silver effect – mix 800 milliliters of tap water with 800 grams of frozen blueberries. Allow to thaw and then strain. Put the boiled eggs in the liquid, then place them in the refrigerator and let it soaked overnight.


Young spinach leaves and parsley will paint their eggs green, and red will receive the help of cranberry juice or hip. If you want to achieve gentle brown water add a few teaspoons of coffee and therefore paint the Easter eggs.