Will you try Black Lemonade?! Detox your body and stay healthy

Yes, we admit it – sounds and looks weird, but it does not mean you will not enjoy this beverage. Quite the contrary!

Beautiful spring weather brings an energy that makes us practice, go to nature, to consume more fruits and vegetables and take care of our body.

Lemonade itself is refreshing and healthy drink, but today we introduce a whole new different kind of lemonade that contains ingredient credited to detoxify the body.

A classic lemonade, but with the addition of activated carbon which gives this interesting black. Activated charcoal successfully cleanses the body of toxins, reduces puffiness and lowers cholesterol.

If you have difficulty breathing, you can add a little chili or ginger, and if you want fresh taste of mint, add a few leaves that will favorably affect your digestion.

Here’s how to prepare this black lemonade:


– juice of 1 lemon ½

– 2 teaspoons honey

– 4 cups water

– 1 tablet activated carbon


Place all ingredients in blender and mix about half a minute. Thus prepared lemonade, pour it into a glass in which you add a few pieces of sliced ​​lemon.