4 rules dark makeup will look awesome

Dark smoky eyes are one forever fashionable trend and look that will obviously take some time. Women choose to dim eyes usually for evening outings and festive events.

But often it happens when you look in the mirror, realize that look awesome.

If you follow these 4 rules, it will never be repeated:

1.Color shade according to color of eyes

If you have green or gray eyes, choose black or dark shades of brown. Green eyes look great with dark brown shade, but can also experiment with dark blue and purple. Brown eyes stand dark brown tones and of course, black.

2.Size of eyes

Dark shades give depth to the eyes, but visually shrink. So, if you have small eyes, dark shadow is best to mix with beige shades lighter or some pastel shades.

3.Lipstick is the key

Regardless of whether you wear make-up for day or night occasion, do not put dark lipstick, no matter how you think perfectly complements smokey eyes. Use bright lipsticks. To soften and mitigate the look, you can always combine beige lipstick, golden hue or shade of champagne.

4.Skin Color

If you have white, light skin color, be carefully with dark colors. To avoid a formidable appearance, combine light and dark shadows; apply not only blacks in large quantities. If you have something darker complexion, dark chocolate shades will create a great contrast. Of course, be sure to highlight the inner corners of the eyes and eyebrows section below.