Dark red lipstick – this year’s “must have”

If you do not, it’s time to get in your collection finds at least one dark red lipstick

The last two to three years we had the opportunity to learn about the ways to combine and wear bright red lipstick shades, so they even embraced women and were their great lovers.

The past autumn winter season that is behind us appeared the trend dark lipsticks, whose range extends even to black, and the trend continues to the SSE, somewhat atypical, and this spring!

And while the dark blue, dark gray, dark green and even black lipstick shade will find your number devotee, they will, no matter what kind of fashion to stay on the margin by which they walk a bit eclectic style.

Wider use in the majority of the female population will find shades of dark red lipstick, which will even remind some to youthful days when without dark red matte lipstick did not goes out the evening.

Combination with other makeup

But with lipsticks in shades of red wine, berries and similar comparison, it is necessary to be especially cautious when it comes to the overall makeup, especially if you have more than 30 years, because it is a thin line of trendy makeup and image “vampire young” or never grown up “emo” teenager.

Therefore, here are a few handy tips.

The shade of forest berries


For women who do not want to deviate from the elegance, femininity and sophistication … Choose color berry berries, which in itself has a shade of pink. If you want to look like Jennifer Lopez, do not forget smokey eyes makeup on the eyes.

The shade of ripe cherries

It can be said that this is one of the “most ordinary”, but also the most popular dark red shades, which fit people with fair skin. With him combine light and airy makeup.


The shade of red plums

For the summer look, when will your trip be tanned, all you need is a light airy eye shadow, mascara and lipstick in shades of red plums. Bonus is what will your teeth with this lipstick look especially white.

Earthen shade of red wine

In this shades combine dark red and brown, as well as in a number of wines from the Adriatic coast. Excellent fit people with a golden, reddish and brown shade of hair color and paler or tanned skin.

Midnight shade of red wine

This matt and quite dark and expressive nuance on the lips will not look too hard, if you do not have overly-faced way. Also, with this lipstick avoid any attack of color on cheekbones and eyelids. The rest of the makeup should be simple and transparent. Avoid the appearance of “vampire young”.

The shade of sherry

If you do not like matte lipsticks, definitely try this dark red lipstick that irresistibly evokes the color of sherry. What is important to emphasize that this glossy lipstick should be maintained regularly by Matt, and certainly not for people who would not have the patience and will. Also, this lipstick definitely should keep out for evening occasions.

The shade of eggplant

Last lipstick shade will likely get most of fans among the younger population of girls and women, because it is really impressive, to which it will not dare large number of women…