Hair Trends for brunettes this summer!

Who says you have to become a blonde before summer? If you’re a brunette, surely thinking about your hair color boring, but actually do not know how Brown has a beautiful color palette. Below we bring you advice on how you will find a shade that will suit you perfectly.

1.Unicorn ombre

It is true that blondes can experiment with pastels, but brunettes have the advantage of features can emphasize and darker tones, as is the case with “inky Unicorn ombre”.

2.Caramel-cool streaks

Caramel tones give the illusion of light to your hair. If you decide on this type of locks, surely we will give you your friends envy as it fascinates people around him.


3.Smoky highlights

Highlights are instantly refreshed for each new hairstyle. In addition to refresh your natural hair color, will give her visual volume.

4.Cool Cacaoo

Cool skin tones are not just for winter. Tones dark brown will prepare you for the warm days and the tan.

5.A pop of copper

The roots keep the natural color of brown; while in the “pop of copper” style tops hair copper, with gold highlights. If you decide to wavy hair, you will see better contrast in colors.

6.Peek-a-boo bolds

If you love different colors, but still you are not brave enough to paint the hair in purple or green, than “Peek-a-boo bolds” is ideal for you! The colors are located on the inside of your hair, so you do not have to worry about that you will attract attention.

7.All about that ash

Dark hair color with an ashy hue balayage is the right color if you’re a fan of bright colors.

8.Bronze babylights

If you want to highlight his features, bronze babylights are ideal for you. The bronze glow, will definitely prepare for the warmer days.

9.Rich mahogany

Star of TV series “Small Sweet liar”, Lucy Hale, fantastic wearing this shade of dark brown mahogany.


10.Caramel kisses

If you want a hair color that is easily maintained and goes with almost every complexion, then the caramel perfect for you. It looks very natural, but you get the look you want them.


11.Ribbon highlights

The combination of light and dark tones gives your hair volume and warmth. Therefore, if you love simple hairstyles, this is for you.

12.Biscuit Browndy

The basis for this hair color should be light and it highlights excerpts that are a few shades lighter than your hair color. This fight is very popular.