Incredible technique that TAKES OFF 10 YEARS from your face: 6 exercises

Although aging is closely related to the formation of wrinkles, it is not their only cause. In addition to fighting aging, there are those caused by the sun, which appear on the young faces, and then struggling to sleep, you unconsciously create themselves, and struggling mime, resulting from faces and facial expressions.

Due to dehydration, eventually coming to a decrease of elastin and collagen, but 30 percent inclinations wrinkles is written in the genes, and the remaining 70 percent is conditioned by chemical reactions in the skin. So we have to pay attention to what we eat and drink, where we move and how we live – from the laws of sleep, breathing, exercise, walking – all these are factors of health and beauty.

Improper diet full of fat and sugar is extremely harmful to the skin. Alcohol, large amounts of coffee, tea and other stimulants with overly spicy food damage every skin type. Cigarettes reduce the flow of oxygen to the cells and tissues and thus stimulate the formation of free radicals

We can all avoid it. We can not avoid external factors, and sometimes not internal, but we have to fight against free radicals, strong antioxidant and thus prevent their spread and disable them to create inflammation in the body. This will prevent damage vital cells. By maintaining balance our healthy cells have longer function better receiving oxygen, food, everything that we need to better regenerate

Every 10 years 3 to 5 percent of muscle mass is lost, or if they “train”, giving the fullness of muscle, automatically shorten it. Here we get back to the weight, consolidating muscle and achieve the fullness of the face, which with age we lose. And so the face looks up to 10 years younger and fresh again.

Top 6 exercises for face:

1.This exercise you can perform in a sitting or lying position. What more can you, closer to the upper and lower eyelid, feeling for how to lift the muscles of the face to the eyes, so that your eyes will take the form of two straight lines. Repeat 10 times.

It is good practice to remove dark circles.

2.Counting to five, half-open mouth spread in a strong smile, as if the corners of the lips you want to approach the ears, and at the same time faces push up so that your eyes squeezed in two thin lines. When you feel the maximum tension, hold it until a count of five. Relax. Repeat 10 times.

This exercise reduces eye circles.

3.One round the index finger above the eyebrows, and the second extended sideways, the end of the bone structure. A count of six, squeeze the lower and upper eyelid, while the other eye open hold. Pressure hold for a count of six. Pampering and open your eyes about counting to six. Repeat 10 times one eye, and then with the other.

The exercise strengthens the upper eyelids.

4.View point toward the ground. Cheekbones both lean forefinger in the middle of the eyelids. Lift the lids at the same time giving the finger resistance eyelids. Exercises performed head up. Repeat 10-15 times.

Exercise for the lifting of the upper eyelids

5.Index finger and thumb of both hands at the same time grasp the root of the eyebrows. Firmly press the count of three. Move the fingers a few millimeters towards the outside of the eyebrows and each point press a count of three. Repeat the exercise 4-5 times.

Exercise is ideal for lifting lids.

6.Forefinger put under the eyebrow. Slowly close your eyes until you squeeze the most you can for a count of six. Keep the pressure and open the eyes for a count of six. Exercises performed head up. Repeat 5-6 times.

A great exercise for strengthening the upper eyelids

Record face and find out which muscles should be to strengthen

As a quality preparation for exercise capture two photos of their faces, one front and one in profile, to the best observed that the exercise you need it most. On a photo be serious. After two to three weeks take a picture of the new photos in the same way that you can compare progress and see which part of the face you need to practice more or less.

Exercising customize years

– 25 or 30 years: exercise, only if necessary. Once or twice a week.

– 30 or 40 years: exercise twice a week.

– More than 40 years: exercise every day, twice a day for 10-15 minutes.

Balance is the most important in life, and therefore the sun in small doses is useful, but in higher doses it causes photoaging – a process accelerated skin aging due to sunlight. The skin becomes dry, it thickens, gets wrinkles, spots and pigmentation. In the deeper layers of the sun’s rays destroy collagen and elastin, wider blood vessels and cells of melanin come closer to the surface to protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation. We recognize as tan, but in fact it is a natural defense mechanism of our body.

For example, a horizontal wrinkle on the upper part of the forehead interpreted as a lack of energy and enthusiasm, and the one in the middle of the forehead, close to the point of raising his eyebrows, as fear of affirmation. The curved and deep wrinkles are the lack of a sense of responsibility, and irregular and intermittent fighting confused and undisciplined nature.

Suspended corners of her mouth point to pride and selfishness, and symmetrical, vertical wrinkles on the cheeks hidden man of strong personality. Fight diseases reveal the tendency, although those around the lips associated with diseases of the chest, prolonged boron ranging from cheek to nose suggests nerve and brain diseases, a very pronounced wrinkles extending from the nose to the top of lips on intestinal disorders.

Depending on their function, the muscles are divided into skeletal muscle, which runs its own free will, and the muscles whose work we can not control.

But this will soon exercise to acquire an awareness of certain muscles, you will learn to use them and control and thereby to control the appearance of your face. Gymnastics faces will help in controlling and unconscious grimace because you will learn to control muscle movements. How does the muscle mass, and its own skin is pulled and thereby create wrinkles.