Fun sex positions you MUST TRY!!!

These will definitely pose raise the temperature in the bedroom

Regardless of whether you think that your sex life needs a little more “lifeless” or simply like to try new things, new ideas and how they make love always come in handy.

Classic sex may not be a bad thing, but the routine and continuous variation of only 2 or 3 of the same pose can get bored, especially if you are in a multi-year relationship that priority is no longer mutual passion. We are all sooner or later it did – opted for simple and “reliable” sex positions (ahm, missionary, doggy and cowgirl) because we are just too tired or too lazy to think about what else can be…

If you both enjoy sex and love new challenges, and do not have the will nor the time coming up with some new ideas for yourself, we suggest a number of new challenges! Try them today or at least the weekend when you catch more time!

Magic Mountain

Do you have a mountain of decorative pillows on a couch or bed? Then now start to think about them for practical use! And if you do not have one, also you it will serve the ordinary pillows. Put a couple of pillows on each other and one of them make a “mountain” lean over those pillows, while he “takes” from behind. This will enjoy this variation favorite doggy position; especially because you will pressure cushions stimulate your clitoris.


Want something more challenging which requires a bit of flexibility? Then it’s a good choice Trapeze! Your partner to sit on the edge of the bed would sit on it and around his waist wrap legs. Relax and lean back leaning his hands on the floor. He will enjoy the sight of you, and the rush of blood to the head you will afford an entirely new pleasure! If you are not sure or partner does not have enough power to keep you that you may not enter – scroll a little more on the bed – let him sit with your legs extended, and you in turn are so suited to you, when tilted backwards, only your upper back and head hanging off the bed.

Try and variation where you turn the other way around – that is the face of the earth!


If you doggie already somewhat boring try this exciting pose! Lean over a solid surface (like a table) or kitchen surfaces. Instead of the classic doggy poses partner let her by the hips and reserved until you to extend your legs back – and you feel like flying!

Something simpler variation poses is to lay on your stomach on the edge of the bed, a partner kneeling on the floor.

Different scissors

In this modified version of the famous pose “Scissors” you are relaxed on his back while he “works”. Kneeling, adjusting your body between your legs. Unusual angle of penetration could reveal new unexpected pleasures and heights!

Sensual spoons

Cuddling in a lazy Sunday morning will become a lot more exciting. While you’re in the pose spoons – both on the side, he goes back – lift your upper leg and hold it so and allow it to deeper penetration. Another option is to switch legs over his hip. He will enjoy the change, you can kiss watt and nibble my ear and what hands can explore your whole body.