The morning habits that make us thicker

Interesting research results

Experts have conducted extensive research regarding the habits of people who have problems with weight loss and come up with interesting results.

Although some conclusions somewhat humorous, they claim to hold water because the way you start your day is very important for our productivity and the level of success in all that we do so with the weight loss.

“The biggest mistake made by people who are trying to lose weight is to start your day in the wrong way”, according to the researchers who carried out this research. The first activities that we do after waking up are crucial for the decisions we make throughout the day. It is therefore very important to establish good and healthy morning habits that will help you during the day do not go in the wrong direction.

More on how we reveal below…

Too long sleep

Although too little sleep can cause weight gain, the same is true if you exaggerate sleeping. Studies have shown that those who sleep more than 10 hours are at increased risk for a higher body mass index (BMI), compared to those who sleep between 7 and 9 hours during the night.

Skip breakfast

It is unlikely that you do not know that it was breakfast the most important meal of the day, but do you know that skipping breakfast can certainly affect your fattest? The breakfast is very important because in this way in the morning wake up your metabolism and encourage calorie burning. Also, breakfast should be a little more abundant. The researchers said that those who ate a breakfast containing 600 calories (protein, carbohydrates and slightly sweet) less longed for food during the day, as opposed to those who had a low calorie breakfast. His craving for sweets we should meet in the morning because we are so much easier to abstain from sweet later in the day.

In the room you missing light

Immediately after waking up you should rise the blinds to sunlight could penetrate into your bedroom, expert’s advice. In fact, research has shown that people who are in the morning in a room let the sun on average have a lower body mass index than those who are being saved and in the dark. Only 20 to 30 minutes of daylight can have an effect on BMI, even if it’s cloudy. This is because our body synchronizes your internal clock, including metabolism and burn calories, using the first morning rays of the sun as a guide

No tidying up his bed after getting up

Research has shown that people who are cleaning up after waking up your bed generally have better and better sleep, and thus lower BMI. Also, the researchers claim that this habit is closely linked with other healthy habits that we do during the day, such as, for example, preparing a healthy breakfast, etc.

Do not weigh often enough

Researchers who during their study followed 162 obese men and women came to the conclusion that those who were weighed each day were more successful at losing weight than those who skip the weighing. The best moment for weighing is just in the morning, when we were starving and in light clothes and when our weight at the lowest level.