The former head of APPLE and GOOGLE reveals what you need to do if you have a bad boss

In her book “Radical Openness: How to be a great boss, but do not lose their humanity”, the former head of Apple and Google Kim Scott explains the ways in which the manager can get the best out of your team. She points out that managers can sometimes be a nightmare the other workers, but also, if it comes to that, there are three key tips to keep from losing the nerves.

The most important thing you have to keep in mind is that your boss human being.

“It is tempting to observe the boss as a tyrant who needs to overthrow the government. But you must be aware that he is a human being who has flaws, just like everybody,” said Scott.

Explains that he once had a bad boss who could not stand and who he thought was oppressive. Ten years later he accidentally met him, had a drink with him and realized that her former boss was not a bad person as she once thought.

“When you have a bad boss often abstain not to comment on. Do not say what bothers you, and all this unspoken information is collected until one day they explode like a bomb. Then you yourself become a victim,” she said.

It is advisable to begin to look for feedback from your boss and try to identify and understand the specific situation from his perspective.

“Try to do it without some repressed anger, and then start to look for things that you like with your boss,” she pointed out.

She also recounted how a friend of hers with whom she worked was very difficult to cooperate, but after he applied these tips and try to focus on positive things and things worthy of praise, it is the office and your boss send some criticism.

“If your boss says no, it’s time to find a new head. If he gave a positive reply, then you are well on your way to repair your relationship,” concluded Scott.