It is possible to lose weight without being constantly hungry, here’s how…

Tips to keep in mind if you are trying to throw a few extra pounds…

It’s no big secret that exercise and a healthy diet unavoidable if you want to maintain a healthy weight, at least in most cases.

But if you want to be thin, it does not mean that you should also and starve. To have energy, choose healthy and high-quality foods that will help you hang in there all day and with that you will not reach for sweets and snacks.

Integral and less processed foods will fill you with energy and help you easily control your appetite.

 Choose natural and organic

Whole and natural foods such as vegetables, fruits, grains and legumes are rich in fiber. Food rich in fiber will help you to feel more a sieve. Soluble fibers are generally found in legumes and fruits slow down gastric emptying and stabilize blood sugar levels. Foods rich in fiber also contain probiotics- special type of starch that serves as food for probiotics or healthy bacteria that live in our digestive tract.

Eat at least three cups of vegetables and three pieces of fruit a day, and make sure that your meals are rich in fiber, which is found in sweet potatoes, beans, whole grains…

Include probiotics in your diet

In our intestines live a lot of bacteria, some of these bacteria may encourage obesity. On the other hand, there are good bacteria that stimulate the metabolism and thus the only weight loss. To increase their level, insert into your diet cultured dairy products such as yogurt, kefir, cheese and the like.

Bring foods that encourage calorie burning

Research has shown that certain ingredients that are found in certain foods can boost calorie burning, reduce appetite and aid in weight control. Green tea, black chocolate, oranges, apples, sweet potatoes, oatmeal are just a few of such foods.

 Reduce portions

Want to lose a few extra pounds you should reduce the size of servings that you eat every day, but still would have been better to eat from a smaller plate as it will in this way to fool your brain. Also, stay away from unhealthy snacks like potato chips, chocolate and so on. Instead nibble nuts or prepare yourself a healthy dessert.

 Get active

Do not forget about physical activity, not only for weight loss, but also for health. Therefore, exercise regularly, and in addition to exercise, be active in other ways – Walk, bicycling, choose the stairs instead of the car, etc.

If for some time you do exercise, then periodically change your exercise routine. Do not constantly work of the same exercise, but every now and insert something new because you will thus burn more calories.