Fashion Trends for 2017

Individualism primarily

2017  arrived and that means it’s time for some new trends. What will be the most popular in the fashion world in the year ahead, the question many women.

Trends, like every season, quite a lot so we decided to review trends divided into two parts. Today, following the first part of fashion trends for 2017.

This year there has indeed everything and anything, and actually nothing new. Trends for years repeated, on what we are used to seeing. We could say that we will this year in terms of fashion trends to be quite simple. Pieces that are world-famous fashion houses presented at their shows are comfortable and wearable even in everyday combinations.

By all accounts, 2017 will be a quiet year in which our primary goal to return to itself, and it is visible and at trends in which emphasizes individualism.

Military style

Trend clothing reminiscent of the military, known as military style, each a little back into style, so that us this trend is not at all surprised. It is about pieces of clothing that we’ve seen a million times, this time in a slightly different form. Speaking of witch, when it’s come to this trend, olive green color and a military pattern are dominating.

Sports look

One of the trends that we are not overly impressed, but certainly will love the girls who love to wear comfortable and sporty clothes. Designers have proved that not every styling inspired by the sports apparel to look as if you had just come from the gym. 

Steering wheels

Boho style and romance are still present, and it is evident with collections of many fashion houses whose clothes adorn the wheels, floral patterns and fluttering clothes. This season will be most of all to point out that steering wheels are everywhere – on T-shirts, blouses, dresses…

Transparent clothing

Trend transparent clothing this season comes in slightly modified form. The aim is to show skin, but in a subtle way and without a dose of vulgarity.

Emphasized or bare shoulders

Back to the past or the 80’s and 90’s of the last century is a big theme of this year’s trends, and except in the world of fashion, the trend is present and when the makeup and hairstyles in question. There are many designers inspiration for his spring collection found just in the 80’s, and especially the clothes with prominent shoulders once worn by our mothers.

In addition accented shoulders, worn and bare shoulders and it is a trend that his inspiration in boho style.


We have already mentioned that the eighties to be a big trend this spring, so before you go shopping and be sure to take a look at my mom’s old wardrobe because there you can find interesting pieces of clothing that are again coming back in a big way. So, accentuated shoulders, bright colors, sequins, puffy sleeves … Simply put the crazier and more colorful is the better.

Long sleeves

Oversized clothing is also very common trend, and this season the emphasis is on oversized sweaters, T-shirts, shirts with extremely long sleeves. Interestingly, but not at all practical…

Inscriptions on clothes

Many designers in their collections for the upcoming season presented and lots of clothing with interesting slogans. And while some have opted for a simple label or your own logo, others have gone a step further and are through their clothes decided the world to send a specific message of social or political nature.