Are you planning a wedding? Five trends for 2017 that every bride needs to know

The smell of spring in the air and opens the “season” wedding. Judging by writing foreign media, all of which are so far seen- will fall into the water.

“Naked” cake

When it comes to sweet served at weddings naked “without cake fondant icing and severe being the trend in 2017.

Instead, if you want to be “and” serve only slightly covered with cakes that reveal all the layers and taste. Also, for the decoration of select fresh flowers and fruit that will complement this sweet expression.

Drawings instead image

Photo booths and painting but from table to table with the guests is so outdated, advise organizers of weddings. If you are in a position to offer your guests something truly new and unexpected- that’s the painted portrait. While your celebration takes place before the eyes of the artist, there will be certainly inspirational artwork in which you long, long enjoy.

Nature as the best decoration

Although the wedding outdoors can bring a lot of confusion and thinking, because of time because of other technical difficulties feasibility, to know that there is nothing more beautiful than flowering tree tops that are wedding decoration.

Also, in accordance with the landscape can successfully to decorate the tables, and the stones, and the smell of the grass will be an absolute hit.

Meals on wheels

As the serving is unconventional, that’s the better. So if you plan to say “I do” one of the ideas is a van with food, a kind of kiosk.

Instead of waiters who are constantly walking, sometimes interfering, like the original set up a kind of buffet reduce your costs with the food and guests can prepare unusual, less formal atmosphere.

Futuristic mapping

Mapping cake

The most futuristic trend in 2017 is mapping the cake. It actually means the inclusion of new technologies that transform a space where is a wedding cake with lights in the food served. In this way you get moving pictures that are much more interesting than conventional fireworks or candles that usually adorn the wedding cake.