A friend of Melania and Donald Trump speaks publicly about their marriage

Marriage Donald Trump and Melania since his inauguration has become interesting to the public. On the basis of their behavior, many people claiming that between them nothing is great, and they gave their opinions and experts in body language. Although the couple did not advertise on this occasion, is their friend.

Despite numerous rumors that US President Donald Trump and Melania first lady going through a difficult period, a source close to the couple says this is not the case.

Karen le Frank, a longtime friend of the couple Tramp, in the case of Washington Post interview when asked how Melania used to the new role of the first lady replied that the change did not affect her marriage in general.

“Ms. Trump enjoys his life and a new role. She and her husband are very happy. Their relationship is great,” said Karen.

“All these rumors about their relationship and disagreement are ridiculous and contrived,” she added.

Melania currently lives apart from her family. In fact, she with her son Brandon is in New York until the end of the school year, when it should join the rest of the family.